ecomum Gift Registry:  5 + 5

Here at ecomum we are in the midst of developing a unique gift registry to help you & your friends and family save money!

1.  Simply email us with your name, and the date of your shower / expected due date, then...

2.  Create a wishlist with the handy tool on the lower right hand side of each web page, then...

3.  Email the wishlist page to your friends, family, and caring neighbours, as well as a special discount code that we will assign to you once you email us your information (see step 1).

4.  When shopping on the site, your family, friends, etc, will use your unique discount code to save 5% off their purchases (exclusive of shipping, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts).  We can't promise that they'll get the things you asked for, but hopefully they'll get something equally wonderful & useful -- perhaps something you never thought you'd need, but which will turn out to be indispensible!

5.  For every dollar spent using your unique code to purchase items on your wishlist, YOU!  will receive a gift certificate worth 5% of their total purchases.  ie.  If your friends spend 100$, on wishlist items, you will receive a gift certificate for 5$ that you can spend on yourself; if they go all out & spend 500$, you will receive a certificate for 25$!  Again, this special discount is exclusive of shipping, and any other discounts.

So!  Awesome deal for you, and for your friends, family, and co-workers!  Five plus five!

We're working on this new feature, so there might be some bugs in the system, but please try it out & let us know how it works!

and this is why perhaps it's sometimes said:

ecomum, you're a good mum to come home to!





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