About us

ecomum is a home-run business, specializing in quality reusable products, and hard to find organics.

Begun in 2001, ecomum was inspired by then 6 month old son Skye, and the frustrating experience of trying to find good cloth diapers and advice on how to use them, as well as ethically manufactured or organic clothing. Since then, ecomum has expanded its inventory to include organic clothing for adults and kids, as well as hemp and other alternative fabrics, reusable swim diapers, detergents, baby carrying slings, waldorf toys and more. Additionally, ecomum's home-grown product line includes hemp prefold diapers, and baby-weigh slings which are used by midwives across Ontario.

The ecomum family is primarily Jeannine, and Dave, and kids Skye & Abi who are the testers for the products. Everyone helps out in some way -- Skye even helps with some of the home-sewn products, while Abi provides excellent distractions. Also at hand are local friends, and members of the Peterborough LETS Exchange Community Association.

Our products are chosen for the following reasons as much as possible

  • ecologically responsible practices from field, to production, to your home
  • reuse-ability -- good quality stuff to last a long while!
  • ethical business practices
  • hard to find stuff that's good for your family (and your soul)
  • products made locally when ever possible

We will try hard to help you out -- please have patience as we balance family and out-of-house jobs we've been driven to in order to support not only our family, but this business.

And remember ... we can't save the world by consuming, but we can help by consuming with a conscience, and consuming less.  That's why ecomum offers quality reusable products -- to help make your footsteps just a little bit lighter.

All pricing is in Canadian Dollars, and shipping is from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.





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Bummis SuperBrite Wrap
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Organic Midwifery Baby Weigh Slings
Originally made at the request of a local...
Midwifery Baby Weigh Slings
Originally made at the request of a local...
Bio-soft Liners
They make using cloth diapers even easier!
Bummis Organic Prefold Diapers
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