Lunapads Heavy Pad with Liner

Lunapads recently redesigned their product for a more comfy, effective fit, and have jazzed up with a number of new fabric patterns, and lightened the carbon load with more environmentally friendly packaging. Made in Canada, fashion designed.

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Heavy Pads are 14" long and 7" wide (35x18cm). 2 layer 100% cotton flannel base topped with a central pad made with 1 layer of ultra-thin nylon and 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, plus ric-rac bands to hold Liners for added absorbency. Sewn-on 3 snap plastic fastener. Suitable for very heavy or overnight menstrual flow or postpartum flow. Compatible with Long, Heavy Wing or Postpartum liners for added absorbency. Includes 1 Heavy Wing Liner.

Available in a mix of fun patterns or sturdy solids (dark flannel or pastel flannel), or unbleached organic cotton.

Amazing night-time protection, heavy flow days, or post-partum comfort -- much more comfortable & hygenic than disposables!

Made in Canada.




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