New Wave Enviro 12 oz Lunch bottle

Stocking Stuffer extraordinaire!    These 12oz stainless bottles are a great size for lunch boxes, and little hands.  Team them up with a Laptop Lunch Kit for safe food packing and litter-less lunches!

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  • 12 oz. stainless steel bottle with sports cap
  • Excellent personal water bottles
  • Rugged, reliable, virtually indestructible

    Plastic LitterPlastic litter is filling up America's landfills at an alarming rate. Most plastic drinking water bottles are designed for one time use and then thrown away. Every cheap plastic bottle produced uses up precious oil which is non renewable and sends money out of America and into foreign oil producers' pockets. New Wave addresses this issue by producing only bottles that can be used again and again.

STAINLESS STEEL:  Frequently asked questions.

  1.  Where are your bottles manufactured?    The bottles are manufactured in China.   We work consistently with our production partners to provide a quality product in a quality facility at an acceptable consumer price.   Although we continually attempt to source the manufacturing in either the United States or Canada, we have been unable to find cost effective production.   We know of no stainless Bottles on the market that are manufactured anywhere but China.  Some aluminum bottles such as Sigg are manufactured in Europe, but these are not stainless steel.
  2. Is the interior of your bottles coated with something?  The interior of our stainless steel bottles  ARE NOT coated with epoxy resin or any other coating. Stainless steel does not need to be coated with any protective material as stainless steel is inert.  Aluminum bottles, where the water sits in the aluminum, must be coated for protection. As aluminum manufacturing costs are substantially less than the cost of stainless steel manufacturing,  some companies use aluminum and then coat the interior. Due to the difference in cost, aluminum bottles should sell for less than Stainless Steel bottles.
  3. How do I wash the bottles? We recommend hand washing the Tinted Bottles with white vinegar and water or baking soda and water (extensive dish washing may damage the enamel exterior.). All other stainless steel bottles may be washed in the dishwasher.
  4. What are the caps made out of? The caps on the stainless steel bottles are made out of polypropylene (recycle code number 5).
  5. What is the grade of your stainless steel? All of New Wave Enviro's Stainless Steel bottles are 304 food grade stainless steel. You should insist on this quality in your stainless steel purchases.




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