Little Star Baby Carrier Sling

These slings are simple and convenient -- and your purchase helps support a worthy cause!

The slings are available in  organic cotton, and hemp/cotton blends (pricing varies by material).

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$45.20 incl. tax

ecomum used a Little Star sling with both her kids, and loved them for their lightness and convenience, and non-bulky packability!   It even came in handy for helping lighten the load when piggy-backing 3 year old Skye on hikes.

Each sling is fitted to the wearer -- these are not adjustable slings.  But they are easy to use once you & the infant you are caring for get the hang of them.

Included with each
      sling is...

  • a 10-page instructional booklet, "The Science and Fine Art of Babywearing", describing the philosophy of babywearing as well as clear and detailed instructions on how to "Wear Your Baby!"
  • a linen sachet containing wild-harvested lavender, renowned for its calming and balancing properties.

Babies love and need to be carried. Infant development researchers who have studied baby care practices around the world tell us that there are many significant benefits for babies who are carried in sling style carriers. Here are only a few. Sling babies...
* are more content and less demanding
* cry dramatically less (34% less during the day and 51% less at night)
* exhibit advanced mental development
* are more likely to grow and thrive optimally
* experience a deeper mother-infant bond
Credible research has also shown that once these well-bonded sling babies become children they are more secure, settled, trusting, sensitve, empathetic, sociable, independent, considerate, co-operative, positive, adaptable, eager to learn, confident and affectionate.  Wow!

Colour Choices (pricing varies by fabric selection):


Organic Cotton (cotton grown and processed without pesticides or artificial fertilizers -- good for farmers, wildlife, and the planet!)

  • soft, light beige sand
  • dark and juicy cranberry
  • dark organic chocolate
  • natural twill (slightly heavier fabric)

55% Hemp / 45% cotton (hemp is an incredibly vigourous grower, making chemical pesticides and fertilizers virtually redundant!)

  • natural twill
  • dark denim (limited quantity)
  • natural herringbone (very limited)

Why Chose a Little Star Sling?

The Little Star Baby Sling is as easy to put on as a purse.  There are no frustrating and time consuming straps, snaps, buckles ar rings to pinch or rub.  There is no unnecessary and bulky padding so when your baby needs down time the sling can comfortably and conveniently be left on.  It looks like a sash.  This can be awkward with other baby sling styles.  The sleek design  is cool to wear during the hot summer months plus, it can fold right up to fit into your purse!


The Little Star Baby Sling will never slip or come undone.  The safe and secure design has a special curve sewn into the sling.  This creates a deep pouch and keeps the sides of the sling up on either side of your baby. Unlike upright baby carriers, it properly supports the developing curves of the young spine.

The last thing any new mother wants is BULK. The sleek design of the Little Star Baby Sling is slimming and stylish. Mom and child will look and feel fabulous! Be sure to check out our gorgeous and comtemporary fabric colours.


The Little Star Baby Sling is a sash-style sling which goes over one shoulder and across to the opposite hip. This baby sling is not adjustable and is sized to fit the adult who will be carrying the child.

Sizing Guidelines:

Your baby sling most often will correspond to your fitted t-shirt size.
Men should choose a sling one size larger.
You may need a smaller size if you are at the low end of the weight scale and you...
-are short
-have a short waist
-have a slim upper body
-have slanted shoulders
-prefer the baby sling up higher

You may need a larger size if you are at the top end of the weight scale and you...
-are tall
-have a long waist
-are large busted
-are broad shouldered
-prefer the baby sling to hang lower

You can also take a measurement around your chest, above your bustline in inches in order to help you determine the correct size.

Small - 30-33"

Medium - 34-37"

Large - 38-42"

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about sizing!

Little Star Baby Slings donates 3% of profits locally to the Fredericton Transition House for Abused Women and Children.  They also donate baby slings to the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization who then distribute them to low income families in need.

Little Star Baby Sling Guarantee
The Little Star Baby Sling is made of the very finest fabric and is constructed with the utmost quality and care.  These baby slings are known for their quality and Little Star Sling Co. stands behind them 100%. The Little Star Baby Sling is fully guaranteed against wear or a defect of any kind for life.




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