Polar Bummi Wrap

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Super soft, the Polar Bummi is waterproof & very breathable.  Made of recycled polyester!

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This is a miracle in diapering technology -- a luxurius micro fleece diaper cover that combines hi-tech performance with super softness and comfort.  Two layers of breathable recycled fleece with a highly breathable laminate sandwiched inside -- this diape cover is the ultimate in comfortable diapering wear.  Although it looks too cozy to be true -- it's very high rate of moisture vapour transmission will keep your baby's bum cool and allow the skin to breathe.

This high quality micro fleece if manufatured to Bummis' own specifications from recycled polyester.  It is a truly amazing new age textile.  It is a denseley knitted, but lightweight, anti-ill fleece that wicks moisture away from baby's kin while the interior waterproof laminate prevents any moisture from leaking onto clothing.  Polar fleece is often called the 'poor man's wool' because of its amazing functionality and breathability.

  •  The POLAR BUMMI features the Bummis unique form-fitting leg gussets.  Soft and stretchy lycra bindings on the gusset hold absolutely everything in, but won't leave red marks on baby's sensitive skin.
  • The POLAR BUMMI will fit with any type of diaper -- flat or form-fitted.
  • Super trim- this is a fleece cover that will actually fit beautifully under baby's clothes.
  • Good quality hook and loop closure system with suepr-sized fold-back wash tabs, and the Bummis unique foldover design for snug and easy adjustments.
  • Stretchy latex free elastic with smooth polyester binding to protect sensitive skin.
  • Easy care - can be washed and dried with your diapers.  POLAR BUMMIS are hardworking and durable covers that are guaranteed for at least 100 home washes.



X-Large     14.5 + kg (32+ lbs)


Wash and dry at normal temperatures in washer and dryer.  Please avoid chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.  Be sure to wash and rinse with enough hot water in order to eliminate detergent residue and wash your diapers clean.  Your POLAR BUMMI should not retain odours,k and if it does, please consult our washing info, or contact us for help!

Available in a beautiful cream colour.

As with all Bummis covers, the POLAR BUMMI is made with careful attention to detail in their own factory in Montreal, so they are assured of good quality and fair labour practices.  The fabrics and components they produce with are all sourced in North American and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.




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