CLEARANCE! Bravado Original Nursing Bras

Clearance on comfort! Its cottony-comfort has been recommended by healthcare professionals for over 15 years! 
This is the bra you'll live in, especially in the early stages.  Comfy enough to sleep in (day or night!)


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$25.09 incl. tax

$41.81 incl. tax

(price reduced by 40 %)

Because of all the various colour / size variations, it may take up to 2 weeks to ship your bra, if we need to restock.  We'll let you know if this is happening, and thank you in advance for your patience!

All of our sizes overlap, which make this the perfect maternity and nursing bra - no matter the fluctuations you experience, the Original will expand and contract to gently and comfortably support your body as it changes.

Simply the most comfortable bra you'll wear (nursing or not!), the Original Nursing Bra has been recommended by Lactation Consultants for over 15 years. Its cottony-comfort will adapt to your changing shape (since each Original size fits 2-3 rib band and 2-3 cups sizes), and be your 24/7 bra; especially in those early stages where comfort is key! 

92% cotton / 8% spandex fabric for breathability and the ability to adapt to your changing shape

Sports-bra style back that provides excellent upper/middle back support and weight distribution, and holds straps in place. As well, no hooks and eyes in the back means total comfort for sleeping.

Clips that lie flat under close fitting clothing and can be opened and closed with one hand

Cups that drop fully away from breast, giving the baby complete access: so important for skin-to-skin contact, especially in the early stages of learning to breastfeed

Adjustable shoulder straps

Great for maternity, nursing and transition; as the fabric gently stretches while retaining its shape after washing.

Wide under elastic that provides even weight distribution and under-breast support, and doesn't ride up or slip

Also available in Bamboo! 

The Original Nursing Bra in the Basic Style is in the second column.


Basic Style

Plus Style (+)

Double Plus Style (++)


S (B)

S+ (C-D)

S++ (DD-F)


M (B-C)

M+ (D-DD)

M++ (DD-G)


L (C-D)

L+ (DD-E)

L++ (E-G)


XL (C-D)

XL+ (DD-E)

XL++ (E-G)

 Made in Canada by Bravado Designs




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