Clean Undies Organic Cotton Men's Traditional Briefs

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Treat your man to the very best the world can offer. Honestly, the softest undies he'll ever have. 

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The Classic Brief outsells all other men's underwear combined. But our Classic Brief is a beyond a regular brief. Our organic pima covers the waist-band to eliminate pinching, stitches are flat for luxurious comfort and great fit. Men need and want the same comfort a women want. Treat your man to the very best the world can offer.

Honestly, the softest undies he'll ever have. 

Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

The Organic Cotton Company Cares about your health!  Find out why they make their underwear the way they do: 

Traditionally, men's briefs have used elastic in the leg or used spandex in the underwear to hold the things tightly in place. Such practices prevent the scrotum from raising and lowering the testicles and in turn keeping the sperm (Japanese refer to them as "fish") at a constant temperature. Traditional briefs cram the testicles against the body and allow the temperature of the testicle to overheat. The sperm, whose survival depends on a very constant temperature are killed in increasing numbers as the temperature rises. The traditional brief weakens the scrotum muscles giving the scrotum appearance of David's rock filled sling (David & Goliath) hanging at his side. Floppy sagging and droopy is not pretty. Our Classic Brief does not contain elastic in the legs. Your body was meant to function normally STOP WEARING SPERM KILLING TRADITIONAL BRIEFS. Support your environment and let the "fish" live.  Jon Cloud, owner Organic Cotton Company.




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