Aristocrat Wool Soaker Diaper Cover

Aristocrat Waterproof Wool covers -- a bum sweater that is hard to beat! 

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$35.70 incl. tax

Aristocrat Waterproof Wool covers -- a bum sweater that is hard to beat! Made by a family business in the West Kootenay's of BC, these covers blend comfort, style and utility, and the natural goodness and ecological value of virgin wool. Soft and completely breathable, wool keeps your bed and baby dry and maintains a comfortable body temperature, reducing cold wake-ups and the risk of diaper rash. Gentle hand washing only, and hang to dry!

Small (fits -20lbs) Large: (fits 20-35 lbs)

For twenty four hour protection we recommend 2-3 covers rotated & air-dried between uses, or use for nightly protection teamed with nylon pants for day use. Unless soiled, these wool covers require laundering only about once every 1-2 weeks. We recommend using Eucalan Wool Wash (sold separately)

IF YOU WASH THESE IN A MACHINE, OR DRY IN A MACHINE, THEY WILL SHRIVEL UP TO DOLL SIZE (cute, but not so great for fitting your kids!)

AND!  Purchasing 2 wool soakers, and a bottle of Eucalan Wool Wash will qualify you for free shipping in Canada! Team up with a friend and save the postage!




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