Reusable Hemp Coffee Filters

Replace disposable paper filters for your daily cup of java! 

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$6.50 incl. tax

Hemp Coffee Filters  Constructed from 55% Hemp 45%Cotton muslin fabric. Proudly Made in Canada!

Available in Cone # 2, Cone # 4, and Basket styles.  Please check your machine to see what is the most appropriate for you.

Use them to replace disposable paper filters (loaded with dioxins from the pulp & paper process) for your daily cup of java!  Easy to clean, and has the advantage of hemp's naturally occuring anti-microbal benefits.  They will last for years.  But ... if you ever give up coffee, you can always compost it!

We have some customers who even take them with them while travelling for hotel use!

If you are only ordering a coffee filter or two, and live in North America, you can select "ecomum local pickup" as a shipping option, and pay only 2$ for shipping by regular post rather than expedited.  If this option doesn't show as available, please contact us at, and we will manually advise of a total with reduced shipping. (this is not possible if paying by Paypal, only by cheque, or by creditcard using our secure option for off-line validation of credit card payment).






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