ecomum started as because organic cotton products, and cloth diapers were not readily available when our family was growing. Later our product line expanded as we all expanded, and we began making cloth midwifery slings at the request of our local midwifery clinic. Since then, we’ve begun selling them all around the world — a true honor to be creating something that is one of the first thing to touch so many newborn babies! AND! we get to satisfy the urge to buy pretty fabric!

ecomum is a homebased business located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Our products are chosen for the following reasons as much as possible

–ecologically responsible practices from field, to production, to your home
–reuse-ability — good quality stuff to last a long while!
–ethical business practices
–hard to find stuff that’s good for your family (and your soul)
— all packaging and labels are post-consumer recycled or sewing off-cuts for a softer footprint!

We’ve got 2 kids, and an assorted menagerie of rescued animals that keep life hopping, but then, what else is life here for?!

If you have any questions, please let us know; we also welcome inquiries about custom made hemp prefold diapers, or other eco-friendly creations.

Thanks for stopping in, and having a look at our shop, which is, as all things, a work in progress.

All purchases ship in recycled / eco-friendly packaging as much as possible.

It’s important for us to pay back a little of the blessings that we have in our lives. 1$ from every sling sold is being donated to a women’s shelter here in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada or to midwifery projects with Medicins Sans Frontiers! Great for midwife thank you gifts!

Over the past few years, that has been more than $1000!!!

Here’s some info on MSF if you want to make your own donation:

MSF Warehouse – Give the gift of health and hope this holiday season.
Meet Sam Perkins, midwife. Sam worked in a Congolese conflict zone, supervising a maternity hospital that assisted with more than 3,000 births. “The women here are heroes and for every one that walks through our door we give 100%. I am proud of the impact we make.”

Visit the MSF Warehouse to make a gift with impact this holiday season. Help send a midwife to places where maternal and child health are needed most or choose from dozens of items that are critical to delivering care to people around the world. Once you’ve chosen your gift, send a card to a friend, colleague or loved to let them know that their gift is making a real difference.

Midwife – $90 per day
Help send a midwife to places where maternal and child health are needed most.
Click here to make your gift: https://www.msfwarehouse.ca/product.aspx?id=57&catID=6

The MSF Warehouse features real items that MSF uses in its field projects. When you choose an item, you are making a donation for its value that supports MSF’s medical humanitarian aid work. Your contribution will be used where the need is greatest.

Please give a gift that saves lives this holiday season. You choose. MSF delivers.



Working together, we can make the world a better place!

When we’re not in the woods, or out in a field, we’ll be hard at work creating eco-accessories for your home!

Thanks for stopping by!