Bazura Beach Bag / Grocery Tote

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Incredibly practical for groceries, swimming excursions, or just looking
very eco-chic!

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Kids and adults all think these are super cool. These large
beach bags come in a variety of colours, with long shoulder handles, a
generous side gusset, and a inner plastic divider to keep things
seperate inside. Waterproof and sturdy to get you through rainy
shopping trips, and bright enough to keep the gloom away. Size is 7″w
x 14″ l x 17″ h with 28″ re-enforced nylon straps.

Currently in stock in green or rainbow colour. Colours are general
themes — actual patterns will vary, because of the recycled nature of
the materials.

*/BaZura Bags/* is working with a women’s co-op in the Philippines that
set up a Livelihood Project assisted by the local village council. With
almost no capital, the women found a very clever way to support themselves.

Every day, children from the local schools collect over 50,000 used
drink containers, called /doy /packs, then sell them to the co-op. The
packs are sanitized and the women sew them together into attractive,
durable bags.

We estimate that millions of these containers get thrown in the trash
everyday in the Philippines. Until we find a way to recycle them, or
stop using this material altogether, we would like to reuse as many
empty drink containers as possible and, in the process, support fair
trade. (info courtesy of

BaZura comes from the word ‘basura’, meaning ‘garbage’ in the
Phillippines. Replacing the ‘s’ with a ‘Z’ symbolizes not only recycling
of materials, but also the language. These bags are sturdy, and weather


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