Cloud 9 Organic Teething Ring


These natural teething rings from ecomum using organic fabrics will have you on Cloud 9!

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These natural teething rings keep chemicals away from your baby, while satisfying their need to gnaw on something other than their fists.

A removable fabric tie is made from one layer organic cotton from Cloud 9 Organics (printed with low impact dyes), and one layer 55% hemp / 45% cotton herringbone for a textured chew. The tie is wrapped around an untreated cloud motif  wooden ring, and is removable for easy washing.

Soak the fabric in water, mint or camomile tea, and freeze for extra comforting chewage. ALWAYS REMOVE THE WOODEN RING BEFORE WASHING OR FREEZING!

Wood is a natural item and natural variations can occur; therefore it should be handled carefully and attentively to prevent any damage. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling if they contain a knot or weakened area, and thereby could be a choking hazard. Always inspect your product and never leave a child unsupervised with it. Do not submerge/soak in water – spot clean only. Do not put in the freezer. If you notice a crack or breakage, DO NOT give the item to a child.

Assembled length approximately 8 1/2 “. Ring width L-9cm x H-5cm x W-1cm.

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