Midwifery Weigh Slings — Gardens of Eden — pick your pattern


Gardens of Eden

100% cotton midwifery slings, made in Canada, with 20 years experience.



Gardens of Eden is a collection of flowers and other elements of paradise. This listing is for your choice of Midwifery Weigh Slings — these are not baby carrying slings.

Nightblooms: from Homeward by Monika Forsberg for anna maria’s Conservatory (Lagom)
Peacock: from Homeward by Monika Forsberg for anna maria’s Conservatory (Proud)

Shipping note — if ordering one or two slings within Canada, and would like them to ship by untracked letter mail service at $5.00 / sling, please put a note in your order, and excess charges will be refunded.

A perfect way to welcome your little fish into the world!

Slings measure approximately 40″ in length and 29″ width with sturdy metal D rings in a chrome finish for hooking to your scale, sewn in at the ends with double hems. All side hems are nicely rolled & stitched. Depending on the pattern, the back side of the fabric can help camouflage staining.

Originally made at the request of the local midwives’ office, these slings are now distributed across the country by Pure Midwifery and the Stevens Company (medical suppliers).  If you’re already a client of either company, we encourage you to continue working with them!   If not, or if you require customization of your slings, please contact us!    Also, if you are an American or international client, please visit our etsy.com/shop/ecomum site for easier access to shipping options.  Also, if you see a sling you like on our etsy site, but would like to purchase it here, let us know in your order comments.

These slings are 38″ long, and 29″ wide, with 2 sturdy metal D-rings at either end.  By request, as fabric availability allows, they can be customized to not have sewn in rings, so that you can use them with a removable caribiner instead of rings and avoid the noise of clinging in the washer.  Please note that weigh scales are NOT included with the slings, and unfortunately we don’t carry them (please consult the two companies above if you need one). We don’t sell caribiners either, but a climbing store (or Mountain Equipment Co-op online) will sell something sturdy.

Weight of each sling varies with fabric selected.

These make an excellent gift for the midwife, or midwifery student in your life — or get one for your own child’s birth to have as a memento     .

Made in Canada by ecomum. (who feels truly honoured to be so close to so many babies in their first moments in plein air!!)



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NightBlooms, Peacocks, Zinnia


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