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In hope of bringing some light into the heavy times we’re in, we’ve created this special fundraising midwifery weigh sling, with the added bonus of a storage bag! 100% of the purchase price going to supports for BIPOC midwives and Doctors without Borders!



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In hope of bringing some light into the heavy times we’re in, we’ve created this special fundraising midwifery weigh sling, with the added bonus of a storage bag!

1 dollar from each of these slings will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, but the rest of the purchase price is going to the Ontario Black Midwifery Student Fund, organized by The Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Midwifery Collective.  BIPOC is committed to supporting and advocating for the Black community within the Midwifery Education Program (MEP) and the midwifery profession.  Find out more about their work at the Go Fund Me link.

These slings are 38″ long, and 29″ wide, with 2 sturdy metal D-rings at either end, and are made from quality quilting cotton.   Each sling will also come with a coordinating  storage bag.

Please note that weigh scales are NOT included with the slings, and unfortunately we don’t carry them (please consult the two companies above if you need one).

This fabric is sweet — a warm brown with traced patterns of branches, accented with light red leaves, and “wishes” written across the branches.

The pattern is called Wishing Tree, in the colour path Strength, designed by Valori Wells for Free Spirit, manufactured by Westminster Fabrics.  From Valori’s blog, the inspiration for the pattern:

First, I want to tell you how the collection came about….The beginning of fabric collections come to me at odd times and from random places, Wish started with a tree. I live in such a beautiful part of the county full of trees, I have always had a passion for them. As the idea stewed around in my brian I started thinking about the life of trees, their roots that ground them, the leaves or needles, that come back every year, the bark that protects them, the strength of a tree in a storm. All of this combined with the thoughts of my friends and family and their roots, love, dreams, strength, and wishes. I decided that it would be beautiful to create a tree in which the branches are words…. this idea became, “what about wishes….” then, “what about my friends and families wishes”. I sent out letters to my close friends and family asking them to send me a wish that they had… write it on a piece of paper that then I would incorporate into my Wishing Tree. I wanted the wishes to come from all ages, the youngest wish came from my son, he was 2 at the time and the oldest was a friend in their 70’s. It was so amazing to get the wishes in the mail and see what the people I love wished for.

As I was drawing the tree I thought about putting it into the computer and typing the wishes but having them hand written was more personal and organic. It was truly a drawing of love and hope….

Weight of each sling varies with fabric selected.

These make an excellent gift for the midwife, or midwifery student in your life — or get one for your own child’s birth to have as a memento     .

Made in Canada by ecomum. (who feels truly honoured to be so close to so many babies in their first moments in plein air!!)




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