Mini Me, Mixteca — 4 pack organic cotton napkins


Organic cotton Mini-mes –Mixteca with Moxi

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Fill your home with organic essentials ! This is for a four pack of eco-friendly cotton table napkins / hankies / wipes (use them as you will!), sewn from 100% organic cotton print Mixteca (by Cloud9). All edges are rolled, and edge stitched — not serged — for a cleaner finish.

Each cloth measures 10″x 10″ and launders easily — treat these just as you would any other cottons. This modest size makes them perfect for tucking in lunch boxes, or even keeping in your car glove box to add a touch of refinement to chip truck indulgences. If you’re using them as hankies — keep a stash in your purse or pocket, or use them as a whimsical pocket puff!

We keep a big basket of napkins handy on the dining table at our home; depending on how often you do laundry, or how messy your meals are, 2 -4 napkins / family member are a good guideline.

(please note that the napkins are folded  in the images.)


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