Re-useable family cloths / wipes 6″ x 4 3/4″


Pick your pack!  Personal cloths / wipes made from thirsty prewashed flannel, sold individually to give you choice.


These cloths are made from 1 layer 100% cotton flannel, prewashed with Nature Clean to minimize shrinkage and  are finished with 4 thread serger edges.

Each wipe is 6″ x 4 3/4″, a perfect handy size for quick wipes,  cosmetic cloths or as a replacement for toilet paper.  Wipes are sold individually to allow customer control on quantities.  Different pattern options allows the purchase of different wipes for different uses in your home.

Not only will investing in reusuable personal wipes save money, but will also save with environmental and health benefits:  lowered waste water treatment costs, less reliance on disposable products made from forestry or petrochemical inputs, less chemicals coming in contact with delicate body parts, better septic tank health, and lowered plumbing costs.

Softer than conventional paper based toilet paper, these wipes do a better job, and can be used with water for especially sticky situations.   Check out our other listings for other sizing if you would like something bigger or smaller than the wipes of this offering.

How to use as family cloths/ toilet paper:

  1. store clean cloths in a basket,  cloth bag or drawer,  in a convenient place in your bathroom.
  2. once used, put cloths into a diaper wet bag, closed container, or whatever you have on hand that is sealable and will contain moisture (though your cloths will not really be very wet)
  3. launder as you would similar cottons, in a load with underwear or socks, using a non-scented natural laundry soap if possible (we use Nature Clean or Tru Earth Laundry Strips).    With a front load washer, it’s recommended that cloths are placed in a lingerie bag or safety pinned together to keep them from catching in the door seal.
  4. return to Step 1, and repeat, rejoicing in your savings.

How Many Will You Need to Use as Family Cloths?

  1. Think about how many people in your family will be using them
  2. Think about how many times a day they will need  them (usually only one wipe is needed / bathroom visit).
  3. Think about how often you do laundry.
  4. Do the math, and purchase accordingly 🙂
  5. Or!  purchase 10 or so and try them out — it’s an investment similar to a package of toilet paper.

Once you start using them, you’ll never look back, except to be amazed at how much you’ve liberated in your budget that used to be spent on products that were just flushed way!

This item is light and weight, and can be purchased to be shipped by letter mail rates instead of registered package — please contact us if you’d like to pursue this option.  Or go ahead and purchase, and we will refund you the difference in shipping.

Sewn in Sunshine by ecomum in Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

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