Indisposables Large Change Pads (Multi Pads) Cotton Covered

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Larger than a regular change pad, these quality waterproof pads make diaper changes clean & easy.  Made in Canada (Orangeville, Ontario).


Indisposables Change Pads: (the ecomum best gift pick!)

These must-have IndisposablesTM Multi Purpose Pad’s unique three-layered design of a quilted polyester, cotton top, combined with a poly/rayon centre and non-slip waterproof nylon bottom ensure excellent absorbency while keeping the top surfaces dry. Also unique is that the waterproof backing has not been quilted through, thus preventing leakage!

All of our IndisposablesTM Pads are durable, easy to care for and a practical choice for any household.

One of our most popular items, our IndisposablesTM Multi Purpose Pad is excellent for use in playpens, cribs, under car seats, or any other place you need an absorbent pad. Works great when potty training too! See our 35 Uses for a Multi Purpose Pad below.

With its multiple uses and beautiful selection of colourful prints, you’ll want to buy more than one!

Available in Assorted Cotton Prints, as well as White Brushed Polyester and Flannelette prints. Full mattress sizes also availabe upon request. All pads made in Orangeville, Ontario.

Size: 29″ x 36″ / 72.5 x 90 cm. These are approximately 2 times larger than the Indisposables Change Pad.

35 Uses of the IndisposablesTM Multi Purpose Pad

1) In your bed, before the baby is born, in case your water breaks.
2) In the car, under yourself, on the way to the hospital.
3) Home birth – it holds 1 litre of water.
4) In bed while you are nursing.
5) Folded double in the bassinet or cradle, if the baby spits up you simply turn it over.
6) As a pad in your crib or any sized bed.
7) In the play pen.
8) On the floor to protect from pet hair or soiled carpet.
9) If your baby has diaper rash, to air out the rash worry-free.
10) Folded double on the change table for extra padding and protection.
11) Under the high chair to catch falling food.
12) Under your toddler while they are sitting on the floor, with a drink or food, in case of spills.
13) As a sleeping pad while visiting friends and relatives.
14) In the stroller to protect the fabric.
15) Under the car seat to protect your upholstery.
16) On the sofa to prevent accidents when toilet training.
17) Under the potty in case they “miss”.
18) In bed to protect sheets and mattress when night training or if you have a night-wetter.
19) Velcro a second pad to the comforter/blanket to protect covering for a night-wetter.
20) At the beach as a play area for your baby/toddler.
21) In the car, after swimming, when you can’t change your clothing.
22) On concrete or wood pool decks.
23) On the grass to protect baby/toddler from the dampness or “tickling” grass.
24) Inside sleeping bags while camping.
25) For mom in bed during menstrual flow.
26) On your child’s pillow when they are going to bed with wet hair.
27) On the floor, under a bucket, when your child is sick.
28) In the bed if your child has a fever. The pad will absorb the perspiration.
29) In your cottage or trailer on the bed.
30) Protects moisture damage to carpet and furniture when under vaporizers or humidifiers.
31) Lisa uses the pad for infant massage after her baby’s bath.
32) Laura’s daughter loves the designs; she can lie for long periods of time just looking at the pictures.
33) Jill taught her daughter all the names of the Bugs in both French and English using her Multi Purpose pad.
34) Beth says-In the heat, my babies have loved being naked… even when it isn’t warm they love it! They kick and coo and play and the pad catches any leaks!
35) Petra says-We take one Multi Purpose pad per child with us when we go swimming at the “Y”. They’re great in the change rooms. The pads are perfect for changing or sitting an infant/toddler/child on so that they don’t have to stand on the wet change room floors. That way I don’t have to worry about what else my kids’ feet might be bringing home with them!

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1 review for Indisposables Large Change Pads (Multi Pads) Cotton Covered

  1. Peterborough Mom

    My Indispoables Large Change Pad is 17 years old, a little faded from many years of use and still in great shape and working well. It was so discrete to use for growth spurt accidents. I always liked that the waterproof fabric didn’t make any irritating crinkle sounds like disposable pads.

    This is a “splurge” that has more than paid for itself and likely will for years to come.

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