Indisposables Change Pads (Small) Flannel Covered


Make diaper changes clean & easy with these quality waterproof pads made in Canada (Orangeville, Ontario). A unique 3-layered design of a quilted brushed flannel top, poly/rayon center & nonslip waterproof nylon bottom ensures excellent absorbency while keeping the top surfaces dry.


Indisposables Flannel Change Pads: (the ecomum best gift pick!)

These must-have IndisposablesTM Flannel Change Pad’s unique three-layered design of a quilted polyester, flannel cotton top, combined with a poly/rayon centre and non-slip waterproof nylon bottom ensure excellent absorbency while keeping the top surfaces dry. Also unique is that the waterproof backing has not been quilted through, thus preventing leakage!

All of our IndisposablesTM Pads are durable, easy to care for and a practical choice for any household.

One of our most popular items, our IndisposablesTM Change Pad is excellent for use as a lap pad, change pad, in a bassinet, or under a booster seat or potty. We used them in the car seat when toilet training, and still use them now as pillow protectors when going to bed with wet hair. Some people even get them for pet beds. Works great when potty training too! With its multiple uses and beautiful selection of colourful prints, you’ll want to buy more than one!

Available in Assorted Flannelette prints (cotton covered changes, and multipads can be found under “hot picks!”. Full mattress sizes also availabe upon request. All pads made in Orangeville, Ontario.

Size: 17″ x 27″ / 42.5 x 67.5 cm (the change pads are approximately 1/2 the size of the multi pad).

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