Just A Second! Midwifery Weigh Slings

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These weighing slings are fully functional and brand new, but have slight flaws in manufacture or fabric that have been repaired.   The repairs are minor; your sling will still have a long life!

Save up to 75% off regular pricing!



These weighing slings are perfectly functional but have small fabric or sewing imperfections, as described and illustrated in the photos.    All have been repaired as discretely as possible.

Please be aware that there are no returns on seconds.

Currently in stock:

“second” sling with slight flaw, sewn over

Sour Patch Kid.  This sling is perfectly sewn, except for a miscule spot where the fabric was nicked in the final thread trim.  The spot has been sewn over and repaired, but the repair is visible.




Save up to 75% off regular pricing!

Made in Canada by ecomum !

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SwanLake, Sour Patch Kid


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